The VA RoboCam is user controlled, by pressing the buttons you change your view - but there's a catch - everyone else has an equal vote so enjoy the tug of war.

Current Location: Finding a new home.

News: 2004.03.15:

The 2004 Adelaide Festival of Arts is now over, and so the Universal Playground, the RoboCam's home for the past three weeks, is being packed up. We are currently discussing options for future permanent locations and hope to have the RoboCam back on an Adelaide street in the near future. Thankyou for your patience!

News: 2004.02.29:

We have just put live version 1.1 of this site, there are a number of improvements to the general experience. However one thing that has come to light is that some of the very latest versions of Microsoft Windows XP do not ship with Java, in which case this site will not work correctly. We currently use Java to display the video image. You can fix this by downloading and installing Java software for the desktop from

News: 2004.02.26:

The VA RoboCam finally makes a re-appearance after it's longest downtime ever - 23 months! The RoboCam was last online for the 2002 Adelaide Fringe Festival, placed at The Cloisters, Adelaide University. Read more about the history of the VA RoboCam in [history]. Thankyou to everyone who demanded to know when we would put it back online again. And thankyou also to the Government of South Australia, in particular Premier Mike Rann and the Science, Technology and Innovation Directorate of the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology.

Supported by the Government of South Australia with the assistance of the Science, Technology and Innovation Directorate within DFEEST.