VA RoboCam History

February to March 1996 @ Adelaide Cyberfringe
The VA RoboCam began it's life when it was commissioned for the 1996 Adelaide Cyberfringe, and was mounted at the top of the 50m high tower in the centre of the Fringe Courtyard, off Frome St. From there viewsers could pan around the skyline of Adelaide, or focus down into the glasses of beer being consumed below. As part of the Cyberfringe, VA set up the Intertent facility in the East Parklands, where solar energy powered an open tent full of computers, connected to the internet via a microwave dish bolted to a tree.

March 1996 to Feb 2002 @ Ngapartji Multimedia Centre
For the next six years the RoboCam was mounted on the outside wall of the Ngapartji Multimedia Centre, Rundle St, Adelaide. Viewsers enjoyed watching people drinking and eating at the popular Adelaide wining and dining strip.

February to March 2002 @ FringeHub
We relocated the RoboCam to the FringeHub at Adelaide University for the duration of the 2002 Adelaide Fringe. Bolted to one of the pillars outside the Uni Bar the camera had a great view of the parklands north of the University, down to the cloisters, and into the Uni Bar itself for checking out the performers on stage.

February to March 2004 @ Universal Playground

The VA RoboCam is mounted to the scaffold of the Universal Playground, a temporary structure created as an outdoor venue and nightclub for the 2004 Adelaide Festival of Arts.

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