VA RoboCam - Instructions

The RoboCam involves a 'democratic' control system whereby everyone gets a say. So if you're finding someone else is moving the camera, either let them go where they want to go or put in your two cents as well.

Using the buttons in the controller, you can tilt the camera up and down, pan it left and right, zoom in and out, and adjust the focus. Enjoy!


Q: Where is the camera now?
A: At the Universal Playground. See current location.

Q: Why can't I see the video?
A: You need Java enabled in your browser to see the video. Sometimes the java applet that displays the video takes a while to load, try waiting 30 seconds to see if it comes up. Also, if you're behind a firewall this may be intefering with your ability to see the video image. In particular you need to be able to make a connection out on port 10001 and port 12345..

Q: How do I make the camera move?
A: You need to have Flash version 5 or higher installed in your browser in order to use the RoboCam controller. Once it is loaded you will see the controller to the left of the video image. The buttons around the outside tilt the camera up and down, and pan it left and right. The buttons in the middle are for zooming and focusing. If you see a red light flashing in the middle of the controller it means the controller is trying to connect to the RoboCam. If it goes solid red it means it's failed to make a connection. If it's just solid white then you're connected!

Q: How does this all work then?
A: Smoke and mirrors.

Q: What do I need to get the most from the RoboCam website?
A: You need a modern web browser (eg Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 6 or 7, Mozilla, Safari, Firefox, Camino....), Flash 5 or greater, and Java. You will also need to not be behind a paranoid firewall that blocks outgoing connections on weird ports such as 8000, 10001, and 12345.

Q: Who made this?
A: Virtual Artists Pty Ltd, with the assistance of many fine people and organisations. Our thanks go to Zina and mr.snow at House of Laudanum for the new look and feel, Adam Claridge, Elendil, Thomas Munro, Ian Short, Dave Sag, Robyn Donald, Anne Bourne, Government of South Australia, Paperjet Software, MFP Australia, Digital Arts, Internode, Adelaide Festival of Arts, and others who have helped us along the way.

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